Polyanna & Natalie at Temple Newsam with Ivory Beauford by Halifax Wedding Cars

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What a great day we all had in the sunshine at Temple Newsam House/Park on Monday 4th August 2014, despite a couple of frights which I will come to shortly!


As you will have noticed this was a Wedding (not a Civil - more on this later!), between two ladies, and whilst this blog isn't about the Lesbian aspect, it is important to note as this was the first Bride/Bride wedding I have covered since starting wedding Photography 4 years ago and I was interested to see whether the dynamics of the day would be different and give different challenges to that of our weekly Bride & Groom weddings.

However, the main thing for me was that this couple were evidently so in love that the actual interaction between them was the same as any other couple which made the photography much easier.



Polyanna & Natalie at Temple NewsamPolyanna & Natalie at Temple NewsamBrides at Temple Newsam with Halifax Wedding Cars

I've done photographs before in the fringes of the park before (generaly enroute to a reception from a church wedding), but this was the first wedding I've covered at Temple Newsam House.

The whole park is HUGE, with Gold Course, Lakes, Rose Gardens, Running Track, and the house itself which is magnificient.

Its just a shame we couldnt cover photos everywhere!



Amongst the challenges I was to face was the extremely bright and high sun which was blinding during the lunchtime wedding along with a couple of relatives that weren't overly mobile so I had to change my usual approach to the family and group photos.

However all went well and the guests/families were brilliant and allowed us to get every photo we needed before I disappeared with the girls and the wedding car for a trip down to the lake for some intimate photos. (To also give the couple a bit of time out from being the centre of attention with friends and relatives).

In addition to the blinding burning sun and the shadows created other challenges appeared which, being in a public park were inevitable, but these included the public milling about and walking through the 'distance' shots, dogs jumping in to the lake and then running about and 'shaking the water out of their coats' dangerously close to the girls, the public calling out good luck messages (great and lovely but obviously also a distraction), but it was all great fun and from their comments it was evident the girls loved it.



Anyway, lets go back to the couple of frights we had before I show you a few more photos from the day.

Firstly, despite checking my equipment was all working prior to setting off in the morning, my 7d which had the 70-200 zoom lens on was struggling to focus at some lengths. Very strange and despite trying many different things to replicate the problem it proved inconsistant so discovering the cause was a nightmare during a live shoot!

However it did seem to move a little on the camera whereas previously I seem to remember it was snug and sound. So I took the lens off and discovered all 4 of the tiny screws on the lens screw plate were all loose. Quickly screwed back in and all good again!

Though as I always have two cameras and lenses with me anyway so it wasnt going to ruin the day regardless!


Second fright was during my conversation with the attendant at Temple Newsam who thought they were doing a civil ceremony rather than a wedding. Therefore she had to make some quick phone calls whereby the documents and booking was confirmed it should be a wedding and therefore a registrar had to rush from Leeds Town Hall with the register books so the two brides could be married!

A 20 minute very anxious wait for the girls but all went ahead evenutually and they were duly married.


All in all a brilliant day.  Here's a few more photos which I hope you will enjoy.

p.s. sorry for the large watermark running through the photos, Ive set the photos to be watermark free but its still appearing on the blog photos!!!

Relaxing Brides at Temple Newsam WeddingRelaxing Brides at Temple Newsam WeddingTwo Brides relax at Temple Newsam Wedding Register Signing at Temple NewsamRegister Signing at Temple NewsamTwo Brides Signing the Register at Temple Newsam Relaxing Stroll at Temple Newsam WeddingRelaxing Stroll at Temple Newsam WeddingTwo Brides have a relaxing walk after getting married at Temple Newsam Brides on Stairway at Temple NewsamBrides on Stairway at Temple NewsamTwo Brides Pose on the Stairway at Temple Newsam Brides by TreeBrides by TreeTwo Brides by the tree at Temple Newsam






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