Storybook Albums, USB or Disc only option?

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Album, USB or Disc - what will you go for?

A very contentious issue amongst clients and fellow professional photographers alike, so I will detail the options and tell you what we offer and why!


A storybook album, of which there are many suppliers and price ranges, if done right will leave you with an amazing album to look through and showcase your wedding to friends and family which you can then pass down through your family for generations to come.

(Indeed probably the next generation will look at it and wonder what this printed thing is that doesnt live on their tablet/watch/phone etc!)

Following the wedding I love sitting down with couples reliving the day and discussing with them the plan & design for the album and it then gives me an amazing buzz and makes all my hard work pay off when I see the look on their faces and hear their initial comments when I present them with the finished album.

I still sit down and go through my own wedding album and every time still spot something in the album that makes me remember a little more from the big day, which was now 7 years ago.  

Our Service

Whilst many photographers ONLY offer the Storybook Album option (and retain full copyright of all the photos taken) we prefer to give our clients the opportunity to purchase whichever package they can afford from our range rather than be tied down just the one package.

So if you want just the disc or usb option that is fine with us - as you are then more than welcome to come back to us weeks, months or even years later when your budget allows and order an album!


DISC only Option

With the Disc only option you get your images burnt onto a disc.

Some photographers limit the amount of images they give you, typically to 100 or 150 which means that they are 'vetting' the photos and deciding what THEY think are the best ones which may in reality be totaly different to ones that you may have preferred, but you will never get the chance to see them!

However we do not think this right, it's your wedding and you should be entitled to see all of the photos taken and pick out your own favourites, and therefore with us you will get all the images that we take.

In addition, be aware that a lot of photographers will NOT give you copyright of the photos, and indeed, the images may be low resolution, shrunk in size or have the photographers watermark or name on them which will mean you would have to buy any full size images from the photographer directly, usually at a premium! 


With Charisma Photography Yorkshire we do not work this way, and instead give you what we call 'shared copyright'.  This allows you to copy, print or share the images with your family, friends and on social media etc, as long as you do not sell the images or use them for commercial purposes.

In addition we usually upload all the images to a password protected online gallery which allows you to view the photos, pass the password and link to your relatives which allows them to buy any photos they like directly from the print lab, without the couple having to constantly email,print or copy the photos for their relatives.


To summarise, with our disc only option you will get all the images taken burnt onto dvd, in full size and with no watermarks or copyright details on the images.

You get shared copyright

The discs are personalised and printed and come in a personalised quality presentation case.

All your photos are uploaded to a password protected website for your convenience.


After you have the disc you are more than welcome to come back to us for prints, canvases, editing, wall art, or Albums!


USB Option

The USB option is a new alternative to the disc only option above, mainly for those people that no longer have pc's and laptops etc with disc facility! 

Everything is the same in relation to the images and service of the disc option, however all the images will be burnt onto a quality Heart Shaped USB.

This stunning USB stick will certainly get your family and friends talking!



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