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We are Husband & Wife Photographers based in Halifax West Yorkshire, who love the challenges of Wedding & Portrait Photography. We care passionately about our craft and have an eye for detail & capturing those special moments providing memories that you will cherish forever.

We have years of Wedding & Portrait Photography experience and have a private studio in Halifax available for portraits, family photos, boudoir, baby photos & cake smashes too.

Please click on the 'contact us' tab to discuss your specific requirements.

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AddressThe Sidings, 1 Greenroyd Lane
Off Doctor Hill
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Daytime phone01422 350245
Mobile phone07973 669345
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Just a little about us

We are Andrew & Jane, a Husband and Wife photography team based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, who love the unique challenges of Wedding & Portrait Photography. We have an eye for detail and capturing those candid and special moments providing memories that couples will cherish for the rest of their lives. We are passionate about our couples and weddings and treat every couple as unique and try to ensure their personality shines through in their wedding photos.

We also have a private studio for baby, family and portrait photos.

School Photos
Being parents ourselves that are heavily involved in the local community with school and cubs/church/toddler groups etc and loving this interaction with people and children we now offer this relaxed approach to schools for both class and individual photos.

We work quickly and in a relaxed way to ensure minimum disruption to the children, teachers and classes but still get best results.

With our school photography we also keep the cost of the photos to parents at very reasonable price and offer many package options.

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