Stef & Simon at Bagden Hall Foley, with Burgundy Beauford & White Royale from Halifax Wedding Cars

August 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Stef and Simon were married at the Foley at Bagden Hall Scisset just down by the pond.

The Foley is extremely small and just fits in the registrar and attendant, the couple and me perched in the very corner and with a 24mm lens this just covers the dark interior which was lit by candle light.

Very romantic but a nightmare to actually capture, especially with a large microphone on a stand in front of the couple (so the ceremony could be broadcast via speakers to the guests waiting outside) and no way of moving at all during the service.

A challenge indeed!


The weather the previous day wasn't great and the dark skies clearing way for a bright sunny day was an unexpected change which made for a great wedding.

Both cars provided by Halifax Wedding Cars at

Here's a few photos from the big day:

ps sorry for the large watermark. This shouldn't be appearing!!!


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